North Georgia Adventure Engagements | Jessica + Sean

I always tell my couples that they don’t have to be limited to one location for their engagement session. Jessica and Sean turned their engagements into a North Georgia adventure, and we spent time at two of my favorite spots: Helton Creek Falls and Fort Mountain.

Jess and Sean have spent a lot of time exploring waterfalls together and I loved that they picked an environment that was comfortable to them where they could just be themselves. I stepped back and simply documented their story and love for each other.

What I enjoy so much about shooting at waterfalls is that all of your senses are heightened. You can feel the breeze and cold water, taste the mist and hear the loud echo from the crashing falls. I want my couples to be able to feel their photos & to experience images that aren’t flat, but truly bring their story to live.

The last place we stopped on our North Georgia adventure was Fort Mountain, where we experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets. Jess & Sean held each other tightly on a rock overlooking the land below them, drenched in golden light. It was the best ending to an amazing day with two people I’m so thankful to call friends. I absolutely can’t wait to document these two as they become husband and wife in October.