An in-home maternity shoot is one of my favorite ways to document a pregnancy. When I take photos of a couple in the space they live, there is a special sense of peace and familiarity that becomes a part of the images. When talking to Carlotta about the maternity session, she mentioned how she didn’t resonate with the typical field photos taken in a flowy dress. She wanted photos that honestly told a story of their life and home she and Jacob had built together. The couple had recently renovated their mid-century Denver house, and wanted images that showed off the spaces they spent time in each day.

Their in-home maternity session took place on lazy Sunday afternoon. We put on a Kacey record and I snapped photos as we chatted about life in Colorado and all the emotions surrounding the arrival of their newest family member. I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace low-light and flash (things you don’t normally pair with a maternity shoot!) Carlotta wore a few different looks throughout the shoot, but I was most obsessed with her vintage pink pom-pom jacket. We saved it for photos in one of her favorite rooms of the house—the master bathroom. The pink tile combined with the pink jacket made for some of my favorite photos of the afternoon!

If you have been dreaming about an in-home maternity shoot but are nervous about the outcome, here are a few tips:

  1. If the thought of cleaning your house for photos stresses you out, hire a cleaner! I promise it will be worth the investment not to have to clean everything yourself. Take a step away from your space and hire someone you trust to de-clutter and bring it to life.
  2. Take the day off of work. I recommend this not just for in-home maternity shoots, but for any session I photograph. Trying to relax for photos can sometimes be impossible after leaving a stressful work day.
  3. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. I also encourage this for every session I photograph, but especially maternity. Don’t try to squeeze into that old pair of jeans. Embrace the bump. Wear a cute bra or sweats if that will make you feel most relaxed. For a couple of her looks, Carlotta paired a bralette with an oversized button down and cardigan. Texture and color can be your friend—don’t be afraid to have fun with what you are wearing! An outfit has a huge impact on the final outcome of the photos.
  4. Hire a photographer you trust and resonate with. Take the time to chat with your photographer about your vision and anything you may be nervous about. I personally work with each of my clients on choosing a location, putting together outfits and ultimately creating an experience that looks and feels like them. I make sure to give my couples lots of breaks during our session so that they aren’t worn out by the end of it.

Carlotta and Jacob’s in home maternity shoot was truly a session out of my dreams.

I am so grateful to both of them for welcoming into their beautiful home. If you want to see more of their perfect mid-century Denver space, follow Carlotta on Tik-Tok here! If you feel a connection to my work and would love your pregnancy documented in the comfort of your own home reach out here to start a conversation.

Denver In Home Maternity Session | Carlotta + Jacob